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Class Dojo
  • Nursery (Small and Big Stones): 262
  • Attenborough: 526
  • Anning: 411
  • Pankhurst: 239
  • Parks: 324
  • Gahdhi: 343
  • Goodall: 415
  • Montessori: 572
  • Frank: 368
  • Kahlo: 410
  • Obama: 315
  • Senna: 437
  • Pele: 374
  • Darwin: 330

Friday 17th July

Good morning everyone! Happy Friday! Happy holidays!


We hope you have enjoyed our Health and Exercise week to finish off the school year. 


When you have completed any of your work today, please email it to us. Email it to your class teacher still. Here are our email addresses below:


Miss Harcourt:

Mrs Walters:



From Miss Harcourt and Mrs Walters 😊



To finish off the week (and school year!) I would like you to make some riddles for your adults at home to have a go at!


A riddle is a statement, question or phrase having a double or hidden meaning, put forth as a puzzle to be solved.


You give somebody clues about your ‘thing’ and they have to put the clues together to find the answer!


Have a go at these funny riddles first to familiarise yourself with how to create one.

Have a go at creating your own healthy food riddles. Cast your mind back to yesterday’s topic lesson if you need ideas.


Aim to create three or four riddles and then try them on your adults at home!



This week you are going to extend your understanding of fractions and mixed numbers by adding and subtracting fractions.


Today you are going add and subtract fractions where the answer is between 0 and 1.


Now have a look at the main maths task below:


If you need another reminder of adding and subtracting fractions, look at the shared example below:

Now choose from the mild, spicy or hot challenges. (If you feel confident try more than one!)

If you are feeling really confident with adding and subtracting fractions, challenge yourself with these extra mastery challenges:

Now complete your propeller board using the numbers Side A 30-90 : 73

                                                                                  Side B 10-90 : 73


Also remember to keep practising your times tables on TTRS.




This afternoon you are going to be comparing how different exercises effect your heart rate.


During exercise, your body may need three or four times your normal cardiac output, because your muscles need more oxygen when you exert yourself. During exercise, your heart typically beats faster so that more blood gets out to your body.


Getting your heart beating faster than its resting rate each day trains your body to move oxygen and blood to your muscles more efficiently.


Watch this video to find out more.


You are going to complete three exercises that will increase your heart rate.


By doing this, you will also find the one that increases your heart rate the most.


Firstly, you need to measure your resting heart rate so you can compare this to your heart rate after you have exercised. The best way to do this is to put two fingers to your neck (index and middle finger) You need to count how many beats you can feel in one minute. (You will need a timer!) Remember this number as you will need it later!

Now pick three exercises from the list below that you would like to complete. Each one will last for one minute. (you will need to time this again!)


running on the spot

star jumps



jumping on the spot

press ups

sit ups


Straight after each exercise, you will need to record your pulse rate for one minute (in the same way you did your resting heart rate)


Before you complete each exercise, it is important to relax until your heart rate and breathing are back to normal, otherwise your data will not be accurate.


Use the attached recording template to help you when recording your data.

Reading: Please do your daily reading and record it in your reading record.  You can now also go on: to do your online reading and quizzes too! We can see how many books you have read and how you are doing on your quizzes. So go on, let’s get reading!



Good luck with your test today! If you don't get them all right, keep practising them.


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Year 5 / 6











Class Dojo
  • Nursery (Small and Big Stones): 262
  • Attenborough: 526
  • Anning: 411
  • Pankhurst: 239
  • Parks: 324
  • Gahdhi: 343
  • Goodall: 415
  • Montessori: 572
  • Frank: 368
  • Kahlo: 410
  • Obama: 315
  • Senna: 437
  • Pele: 374
  • Darwin: 330