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Friday 5th June

Good morning!


We hope you have enjoyed the topic for this week. Well done for all of your great work and thank you for the emails and pictures we have seen so far. We hope you enjoy today and are looking forward to a new topic on Monday.


We hope you have a fantastic weekend smiley


Mrs Duddridge & Mrs McGuire 



Read Write Inc. Phonics lessons are on Facebook and YouTube for children to watch at home.

All sets are now looping.

Set 1 Speed Sounds lessons will not match set 1 word times and spelling but the children will benefit from the extra practise.


Note; If you ask your child to read the set 1 sounds in your home learning pack and they know the set 2 sounds really well, move onto watching set 3.




Today we are going to think about how the Three Little Pigs might have been feeling when they left their mother's home to build their own houses.


Imagine you are one of the little pigs, write a list of the feelings you might experience and make sure they are interesting.

Here are some examples below;



Now you are going to write a letter to your mum to tell her all about your adventures so far.

Think about;

How you built your house?

What the house is like?

Who knocked on the door?

How did you feel about this?




Include a question to your mother.

Use expanded noun phrases (for example; tall, dark wolf)

Conjunctions to join your ideas (and, but, because, so)





  Starter: Practise spelling these numbers,


Today we are going to look at solving additions using a number line. Here are some short videos to remind you of how to use it to solve additions.  


Also, here is a number line to help you;





Remember that addition is commutative which means it can be done in any order.


Mild Spice



16 + 9 = _____

6 +  _____ = 19

35 + 7 = _____

8 + _____ = 15

26 + 8 = _____

_____ + 12 = 20




23 + _____ = 45

52 + _____ = 100

19 + _____ = 38

_____ = 16 = 32

68 + _____ = 83

_____ + 57 = 64


Flaming hot

57p + _____ = 84p

_____g + 47g = 67g

43cm + _____ = 92 cm

£1.56 + _____ = £2.30

25ml + _____ = 100ml

1.27m + 2.08m = _____



Propeller math boards:

Year 1 board (0-10) : 2

Year 2 board (20-50): 40


Don't forget you can still access TTRS & Numbots


Topic:  Geography

Today you are going to create a map (aerial view) of your family home. First, go to different places in your home and complete the chart below. If you have a garden, make sure you include this area.




Now draw an aerial plan (birds eye view) of your house or flat as if you were a bird flying above your home looking down. Here are some examples;




Login on to myON where you can read a variety of different books and most of them have a quiz to go with them. I can login and see how you are getting on, so I would love to see you reading different books and try and score 100% on your quizzes. If you have any problems accessing this, please email me on our class email and I will help you.



Please practise your spellings daily. This week’s spellings are below. You will need to see which ones you want to work on. If you can already spell all of the Year 1 spellings, then mive on to year 2. We will be focusing on 10 spellings every week. On Friday, get someone at home to do your spelling test with you!

                                                                                                                                                                         Year 1                                                             Year 2 

                                the                                                                 door

                              today                                                                floor

                                 of                                                                  poor

                               said                                                               because

                               says                                                                 find

                                are                                                                 kind

                               were                                                               mind 

                               was                                                               behind

                                his                                                                 child

                               has                                                               children

Class Dojo
  • Earhart:
  • Attenborough:
  • Lovelace:
  • Pankhurst:
  • Parks:
  • Owens:
  • Goodall:
  • Gandhi:
  • Frank:
  • Hawking:
  • Ali:
  • Thunberg:
  • Luther-King:
  • Kahlo: