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Stepping Stones, Small Stones will reopen as normal on Monday 31st January. We are looking forward to welcoming the children back!
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Class Dojo
  • Nursery (Small and Big Stones): 82
  • Attenborough: 124
  • Anning: 83
  • Pankhurst: 41
  • Parks: 426
  • Gahdhi: 67
  • Goodall: 132
  • Montessori: 60
  • Frank: 108
  • Kahlo: 60
  • Obama: 229
  • Senna: 50
  • Pele: 112
  • Darwin: 51


To all of my high-flying Kestrels,


What a year we have had! 2020 has been a very strange year. Closing the school in March was something none of us could have ever envisaged, but you have coped amazingly well to the changes we have had to go through, and for that I am truly thankful.


Our 'normal lives' changed so drastically; we had to adapt to online learning and have had to motivate ourselves to continue our learning journeys without the cushion of a teacher to support you directly. Most of you, if not all, rose to the challenge and have done yourself proud – this dedication and resilience will stand you in good stead as you move into Secondary school and onto adulthood. I am so very proud of how much you have all grown. You have become more independent and have developed into mature, young people. You have been an outstanding group of children to work with and I know that you will go on to do wonderous things next year. I am so excited for all of the exciting opportunities and adventures that you have got to come. You are ready for this! 


In the two terms that we had together, we actually did so much when you reflect on it. We had our Victorian trip to Morwellham Quay, our visit from Tami and the Food is Fun team. We had our lovely Islamic visitor, Rania, and Father Bailey, and don’t forget the Nuffield Health team coming into to teach us to be healthier in mind and body. The trumpet sessions were noisy but fun, and Mr Blacker’s PE sessions were always a blast! We had several 'Stay and Learn' events, proud Parent's Evenings...the list just continues! But most of all, we have formed some fantastic friendships and bonds, and have become a group who were all there for each other. We have strived to do things well, and then strived to do things better! You rooted for each other, cheered for each other and laughed a lot… memories I will hold dear!


Be brilliant Kestrels and soar to great heights.


Remember if it’s worth doing……………………………………………………………………………..


To all of the parents, grandparents, friends and family members that I have had the pleasure of working with this year, thank you for all of your hard work in raising these truly great children. 


Best wishes to you all. Have a superb summer holiday with your families.

Good Luck and stay brilliant!

Love from

Mrs Walters. 


















Who are you spending your days with? Why not have a chat about the following question:


************ Point for discussion**************


Is it our job to look after the environment?


Happy half term Kestrels,


I hope you are all well and have been staying safe!


This week is half term so we have decided to give you a little break from the daily learning tasks. We have however designed a range of fun activities that you can have a go at. They are all curriculum linked but are a lot more practical and creative as we want you to stretch your brains in a different direction. We had fun designing it for you so we're hoping you enjoy some of the tasks.


Anyway, as I keep mentioning, I really do love to see the work you have been doing so please don't forget to send me some pictures.


Keep learning Kestrels and stay safe!


Mrs Walterslaugh



Here is my email address if you wish to contact me:

Hannah K's superb home learning!

Take a read of Sienna's non-chronological report! Well done everyone else who has completed theirs too!

Harley's VE day celebrations

Britain is Great home learning from Cohen, Harley and Sienna - I've been seriously impressed!

The Tornado by Harley

Yr 6 Multiply and divide by 10, 100 & 1000

Yr 6 SATS Division

Yr 6 SATS Decimals

Yr 6 Addition and Subtraction

Geography Globalisation Knowledge Organiser

Elevenses with David Walliams


Every day at 11am, you can listen to one of David Walliams’ World’s Worst Children stories, so sit down, take a break, and enjoy 20ish minutes of pure fun!

Welcome to Kestrels!

Image result for kestrel drawing


Hello and welcome to Kestrel's class page. My name is Mrs Walters and I am Kestrel's class teacher this year. Many of you will know me already as I have taught almost all of the class before when they were in Key Stage 1. Also working with the children will be Mr Greenslade, who will teach the children PSHE on Tuesday afternoons and Miss Down, our fabulous class TA. Children's PE lessons will take place on a Monday, and they will be taught by Mr Blacker and Miss Kane.



Important notices

  • Don't forget that PE is every Monday. Children must wear their PE kit to school, including their hoodies and sports shirts. Please ensure the hoodies are only worn on PE days.
  • Please ensure your child is dressed in full school uniform on non-PE days with appropriate footwear.
  • Children should now be bringing their reading and home school liaison book into school each day in their new KPS black book bags. Please encourage your child to read each night and don't forget to sign the book if they have read to an adult.  It would be brilliant if you could hear your child read regularly as your questioning helps to develop reading comprehension skills. If you'd like any guidance on how you can support reading for meaning, please don't hesitate to pop in an see me. Once children have read their book, they can bring it in to school and do a quiz. The liaison books have short book review pages which we are encouraging children to complete when they've read a book they have particularly liked. 

  • Please ensure children bring their coats to school each day as the weather can be quite changeable. 

  • Children will be doing their Times Tables Travels on Wednesdays. I will be pushing them to practise these regularly, so if you get any chance to test them, please do!  


Kestrels take flight in our Times Table Trek!

Our scientific investigations - Forces in Action

Rania's visit


We are now half way through the year and the children have really impressed me with their attitudes to learning. They thoroughly enjoyed the non-fiction texts that we studied during the first term and showed considerable skills when writing their own non-chronological reports and biographies. They are now however ready for some storytelling and boy, do we have some juicy texts for them this term! Our first story 'Everything You Need' is a dark story of ghosts, greed and curses. I can't wait to see what stories they will spin after hearing what the greedy protagonist gets up to... Following the spooky tale of Abdul, we will read 'The Woman of the Sea', a selkie story from Scotland, where seals turn into women and back again. It is a tale of transformation, separation and family (a sorrowful tale with an interesting ending). Please be sure to ask your child to share the stories as they are becoming great story-tellers and are being taught to tell stories orally from start to finish.  


In maths, we will continue to look at fluency and reasoning skills. Decimals, percentages and fractions continue to feature in this term's curriculum and the problem solving units we have planned for them will require some real concentration.


Our Geography topic this term continues to focus on 'Globalisation', where the children will be learning all about a range of topical issues. Children will have the opportunity to deepen their understanding of longitude and latitude. They will investigate the positive and negative impact of trade and consider the impact of human activity on the Earth's physical Geography. They will learn more about plastic pollution and consider ways we can lower our carbon footprint. It's already proved itself to be an interesting topic and I look forward to sharing some our our learning here.


Kestrels Curriculum Overview 2019/2020




The Victorians                           


School study                                  

The Egyptians                                           


Please visit our Curriculum page for further details.

Here are a few examples of our non-chronological reports on the Industrial Revolution.

Forest School Fun

Homework and Home Learning

Spellings will be sent home weekly for children to practice each evening. Please help your child to understand any new vocabulary that they might find tricky. Putting the words into sentences may help them to gain a better understanding through context and will support their vocabulary development. Spelling tests will be done on Friday and new spelling lists will be sent out ready for the following week. In addition to spellings, children will bring home their current times table sheet.  Regular, short bursts of practise with times and division facts will help your child to become fluent in their recall and support them when they tackle more complex mathematical concepts. Children will also be given one more piece of maths homework where they will be required to apply their mathematical understanding to Success in SATs tasks. Additional SPaG or topic related homework may also be sent out.


Parent Overview

Details on the parent overview will follow shortly.


Pupils Learning

Keep your eyes peeled for photos. We will be uploading images on here and on our Facebook page whenever opportunities arise! 



- Star of the week -



Our last star of the week was Daniel.

Daniel has been super focused in his lessons and is really working hard to do his best.

His hand is always up and he is always ready to learn.

Well done Daniel. Keep it up!


Class Dojo
  • Nursery (Small and Big Stones): 82
  • Attenborough: 124
  • Anning: 83
  • Pankhurst: 41
  • Parks: 426
  • Gahdhi: 67
  • Goodall: 132
  • Montessori: 60
  • Frank: 108
  • Kahlo: 60
  • Obama: 229
  • Senna: 50
  • Pele: 112
  • Darwin: 51