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Class Dojo
  • Nursery (Small and Big Stones): 388
  • Attenborough: 484
  • Anning: 641
  • Pankhurst: 457
  • Parks: 467
  • Gahdhi: 335
  • Goodall: 788
  • Montessori: 421
  • Frank: 418
  • Kahlo: 536
  • Obama: 534
  • Senna: 493
  • Pele: 532
  • Darwin: 340

Monday 15th June

Welcome to another new week Year 6,


We hope you had a great week last week and enjoyed learning about China and Chinese culture. This week’s theme is ‘Aliens and Space’.  We’re really excited by it and hope you find the learning this week out of this world!


When you have completed any of your work, please email it to us. Email it to your class teacher still. Here are our email addresses below:


Miss Harcourt:

Mrs Walters:



From Miss Harcourt and Mrs Walters 😊

Read and Draw

Read the poem below looking for descriptions like ‘pink hair’ and highlight or circle them.

Draw the scene below the poem – try to include all the descriptions. For things not described use your imagination. For example, the hair must be pink but it could be curly or spikey. Challenge yourself to up-level each description with either expanded noun phrases, metaphors or similes. If you need a quick reminder about metaphors and similes watch the video clip below.



This week you are going to use formal written methods for addition, subtraction, multiplication and division, including with real life contexts.

Today you are going to be multiplying 4 digit numbers by 1 digit numbers looking at and using a variety of methods and representations.


Now have a look at the main maths task below:

If you need another reminder about how to multiply look at the shared example below:

Now choose from the mild, spicy or hot challenges. (If you feel confident try more than one!)

If you are feeling really confident with multiplying, challenge yourself with these extra mastery challenges:

Now complete your propeller board using the numbers Side A 30-90 : 85

                                                                                            Side B 10-90 : 85


Also remember to keep practising your times tables on TTRS.



Watch the Mission Launch Video.

Today we are going to learn about the solar system by going on an exciting ‘mission’ to find a new planet for the Boov (the alien race who star in the film HOME) to live on. With the help of characters from the film, you will discover lots of facts about the planets and start to think about where the Boov might be best to settle. Along the way, you will develop your scientific knowledge and mathematical skills. You will be creating planet fact files to help you to choose a suitable planet for the Boov to live on.

You are going to find out important information about each planet and help Tip and Oh decide where it would be best for the Boov to live.

Use the internet or any books you may have (don't forget you could use myon to find some books) and research each planet (Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune).

This website link will help you:


Choose whether you either create your own factfile for all the planets or complete the ‘Planet profile’ activity sheet below.


Planet profile sheet

Complete the information for each planet –  find out:

a) whether it is made of rock or gas

b) its average surface temperature

c) its distance from the Sun

d) its radius and

e) one fun fact.


Use the word document below to check your research as the answers are at the bottom of the document.

Additional challenge questions

What does the little circle and the C stand for after the temperatures? What temperature scale is this?

What does the km stand for in the measurements?

What shape is a planet? Do you know how you would measure its radius?



Watch the Trailer Video Clip.  


Still image for this video

Now you have worked as space explorers and have researched our solar system you are going to choose a planet for the Boov to live on. Once you have chosen your planet, use your fact file to write a description of what the Boovs can: see, hear, smell and feel. Remember to choose rich vocabulary. Think about:


What can you see?

  • Colours? Light? Darkness?  
  • Other planets and stars?
  • The planet’s surface?
  • Any signs of life?

What can you hear?

  • Wind?    Rain?   Music?

What can you smell?

  • Rotten eggs?    Metallic?   Bitter?   Sweet?

How do you feel?

Scared? Happy? Excited? Lonely?  Hot?  Cold?


Use to pick some interesting and ambitious vocabulary for tomorrow’s story. Please also use the English Vocabulary helper  below throughout the week to help you.

Reading: Please do your daily reading and record it in your reading record.  You can now also go on: to do your online reading and quizzes too! We can see how many books you have read and how you are doing on your quizzes. So go on, let’s get reading!



Please practise your spellings daily. This week’s spellings are below. You will need to see which ones you want to work on. If you can spell all of the Year 3/4, then do the Year 5/6. We will be focusing on 10 spellings every week. On Friday, get someone at home to do your spelling test with you!


Year 3-4












Year 5-6











  • There are no events for the next 10 weeks.
Class Dojo
  • Nursery (Small and Big Stones): 388
  • Attenborough: 484
  • Anning: 641
  • Pankhurst: 457
  • Parks: 467
  • Gahdhi: 335
  • Goodall: 788
  • Montessori: 421
  • Frank: 418
  • Kahlo: 536
  • Obama: 534
  • Senna: 493
  • Pele: 532
  • Darwin: 340