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Class Dojo
  • Nursery (Small and Big Stones): 104
  • Attenborough: 328
  • Anning: 250
  • Pankhurst: 152
  • Parks: 192
  • Gahdhi: 196
  • Goodall: 280
  • Montessori: 300
  • Frank: 256
  • Kahlo: 257
  • Obama: 241
  • Senna: 309
  • Pele: 260
  • Darwin: 230

Monday 22nd June

Good morning Year 5 and welcome to another great week of learning.


This week our topic is on Artists and their work. Today you are going to begin by learning about the artist Banksy. We would like to see how you are getting on, so remember you can send us your work on our class email addresses below:


Mr Bashford:

Mr Young:



From Mr Bashford and Mr Young 😊



Today, we are going to be learning about an artist known as Banksy. Some of you will have heard of him already - but do you know much about him? Take a look at the PowerPoint or word document below.

You will notice that he has some strong views; he uses his art to give his opinion on events that are happening in the world – the graffiti he paints shows what he thinks.


Today we would like you to find out a bit more about his pictures and the messages he is trying to send. You will need to think carefully about this as the message may not be obvious to you. However, it is what you think that is important; does his picture tell you anything about what he is thinking?

For each picture, we would like you to write a summary outlining your thoughts about the pictures, and include answers to the following questions:


Who is in the picture?

What is happening?

What do you think that the main message is?


As always, take care with your writing. Punctuate it carefully and ensure your sentences make sense. We have provided a pdf document below (see banksy street art activity sheet) with 4 pictures that you could use. You can either write on the pdf if you have a printer or write in your summaries in your book.



In maths this week you will be continuing to consolidate your understanding of number operations using written methods for addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. You will be practising arithmetic questions. If you find any difficult have a look at the video clips at the bottom of the page to help you.


Complete the arithmetic challenges below.

You may want to start with the mild challenge or if you are feeling confident go straight on to the arithmetic challenges. 

Now use your arithmetic skills to try these mastery challenges:

In the top corner of your propeller board, you will have a space to write your number.


Range 10-20: 13

Range 30-60: 46

Range 350-450: 377

Range 30-99: 56


Don’t forget to keep practising your times tables on TTRS.



Amazing Fact

In 2004, Banksy produced one million pounds worth of ten pound notes with the image of Princess Diana on the front, instead of the Queen. The notes were also altered to say ‘Banksy of England’ instead of Bank of England. Banksy had planned to throw notes from a building but changed his mind after some notes, which were given out at a festival, were actually used to buy things.



If you could design a new bank note for people to spend, what would it look like?

  • What pictures would you use?
  • What colour would your bank note be?
  • Would you include a famous person or someone you know?

So, for today’s Art task, we would like you to design your own bank note. Be specific about the size, colour and images, taking care to make it look as realistic as possible!



You could also try to find out:

if you can find a picture of one of Banksy’s bank notes;

how much the notes are worth;

what the most expensive piece of Banksy art ever sold is;

what counterfeit money is and how much of it police find.


Reading: Please do your daily reading and record it in your reading record.  You can now also go on: to do your online reading and quizzes too! We can see how many books you have read and how you are doing on your quizzes. So go on, let’s get reading!


Please practise your spellings daily. This week’s spellings are below. You will need to see which ones you want to work on. If you can spell all of the Year 2 words then do the Year 3/4 words and if you can do all of those, then do the Year 5/6. We will be focusing on 10 spellings every week. On Friday, get someone at home to do your spelling test with you!


Year 2












Year 3 / 4












Year 5 / 6










Class Dojo
  • Nursery (Small and Big Stones): 104
  • Attenborough: 328
  • Anning: 250
  • Pankhurst: 152
  • Parks: 192
  • Gahdhi: 196
  • Goodall: 280
  • Montessori: 300
  • Frank: 256
  • Kahlo: 257
  • Obama: 241
  • Senna: 309
  • Pele: 260
  • Darwin: 230