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Class Photographs on Tuesday 11th May for Reception to Year 6.
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Class Dojo
  • Earhart: 400
  • Attenborough: 426
  • Lovelace: 543
  • Pankhurst: 579
  • Parks: 455
  • Owens:
  • Goodall: 449
  • Gandhi: 432
  • Frank: 484
  • Hawking: 599
  • Ali: 623
  • Thunberg: 566
  • Luther-King: 566
  • Kahlo: 371

Thursday 16th July

Good morning everyone!


We hope you enjoyed having a go at Yoga yesterday. Today you are going to continue to think about how you can keep yourself healthy. 


When you have completed any of your work, please email it to us. Email it to your class teacher still. Here are our email addresses below:


Mr Bashford:

Mr Young: 




From Mr Bashford and Mr Young 😊




This week you have focused on what we can do to improve our health. Today, we are going to focus on something that can damage our health which is smoking.


We all know that smoking is harmful. Take a look at the link below which shows what the government aims are regarding smoking.


Is this enough?


Now have a look at the two documents attached below. They will give you some facts and information about smoking and how it effects our physical and mental health.


In your book, brainstorm some answers to the following question:


What could we do to help people stop smoking in our country?


Your activity:


You are going to write a letter to 'Max'. Max is a smoker and is unaware of the health risks associated with smoking.


You need to convince him to quit by providing him with facts about how unhealthy it

is and giving him strategies to quit.


Below is an example showing the opening two paragraphs to a letter:


Dear Max,


I am writing to you because it is incredibly important that you understand how smoking is harming your body. I believe I can help you quit!


Firstly, the tar from cigarettes can block your arteries which means it is extremely difficult

for oxygen to get to your muscles. As a result, you will feel more lethargic, demotivated and

fatigued compared to a non-smoker. It is obvious that by exercising more regularly, you will take your mind off smoking and start your path to physical recovery!



When you structure your writing, ensure you have an introduction, a main body and a conclusion.


You will want to include:


facts and information

persuasive sentence stems (document attached below)

scientific and technical vocabulary

rhetorical questions



Today you will be practising more arithmetic questions. If you find any difficult have a look at the video clips at the bottom of the page to help you.


Complete the arithmetic challenges below.

You may want to start with the mild challenge or if you are feeling confident go straight on to the arithmetic challenges. 

Now use your arithmetic skills to try these mastery challenges:

In the top corner of your propeller board, you will have a space to write your number.


Range 10-20: 10

Range 30-60: 33

Range 350-450: 434

Range 30-99:50


Don’t forget to keep practising your times tables on TTRS.



This afternoon you are going to find out about food groups that make up the food pyramid.


To begin with, write down a list of foods that you think you should eat more of and a list of foods you think you should eat less of. Try to spot the similarities in each list.


Watch the video below and look at the document attached to find out more about the food pyramid.

Your activity:


In your book, draw a food pyramid with five layers (like the one on the document below) and in each section, draw and label foods that you might find. 

Once you have finished, create a meal plan for one day which matches the food pyramid (lots of fruit and veg but not much fat). You need to include breakfast, lunch, tea, snacks and drinks.

Reading: Please do your daily reading and record it in your reading record.  You can now also go on: to do your online reading and quizzes too! We can see how many books you have read and how you are doing on your quizzes. So go on, let’s get reading!



Please practise your spellings daily. This week’s spellings are below. You will need to see which ones you want to work on. If you can spell all of the Year 2 words then do the Year 3/4 words and if you can do all of those, then do the Year 5/6. We will be focusing on 10 spellings every week. On Friday, get someone at home to do your spelling test with you!


Year 2












Year 3 / 4












Year 5 / 6











Class Dojo
  • Earhart: 400
  • Attenborough: 426
  • Lovelace: 543
  • Pankhurst: 579
  • Parks: 455
  • Owens:
  • Goodall: 449
  • Gandhi: 432
  • Frank: 484
  • Hawking: 599
  • Ali: 623
  • Thunberg: 566
  • Luther-King: 566
  • Kahlo: 371