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  • Earhart: 329
  • Attenborough: 290
  • Lovelace: 366
  • Pankhurst: 386
  • Parks: 274
  • Owens:
  • Goodall: 323
  • Gandhi: 280
  • Frank: 341
  • Hawking: 376
  • Ali: 581
  • Thunberg: 359
  • Luther-King: 357
  • Kahlo: 259

Tuesday 16th June

Good morning everyone! We hope you are feeling creative today as you are going to become an inventor for the day.


Remember when you have completed any of your work, please email it to us. Email it to your class teacher still. Here are our email addresses below:


Mr Bashford:

Mr Young:



From Mr Bashford and Mr Young 😊



Today you are going to bring your science knowledge to life. You are going to write a short story (a couple of paragraphs) describing your chosen planet for the Boov.  

Imagine you are the first Boov to land there. Use your imagination and the English vocabulary helper below to help you think about how the Boov will feel when they arrive on the planet.

We would like you to use of interesting vocabulary to describe the planet. 

Try to include a relative clause in your writing. See the example below.


Jupiter’s toxic atmosphere, which is highly noxious and deadly to humans, makes the

planet uninhabitable without specialist equipment.


If you need a reminder about relative clauses watch the video below:,where'%20and%20'when'.


Today you will be practising more arithmetic questions. If you find any difficult have a look at the video clips at the bottom of the page to help you.


Complete the arithmetic challenges below.

You may want to start with the mild challenge or if you are feeling confident go straight on to the arithmetic challenges. 

Now use your arithmetic skills to try these mastery challenges:


In the top corner of your propeller board, you will have a space to write your number.


Range 10-20: 10

Range 30-60: 38

Range 350-450: 373

Range 30-99: 54


Don’t forget to keep practising your times tables on TTRS.

Design Technology


With your thoughts about what it would be like to arrive on a new planet fresh in your minds, you now have the chance to invent a machine or gadget to help the Boov settle into their new home.

In the film HOME, the Boov adapt everyday objects and put them to innovative use. Captain Smek wears oranges on his feet, a tyre on his head as a crown and eats a football for food. Oh uses a Slush Puppie drink to power Tip’s car and puts a cookbook in the oven to cook it for food!


Watch the clips of Oh investigating a can of fizzy drink and a plunger by clicking on the links below.

Now it's your chance to come up with ideas for machines and gadgets made from everyday objects that would help the Boov either travel to their new planet or settle there once they arrive. You could think about inventions that would help the aliens cope with a particular feature of their planet, e.g. a special suit to withstand the heat of Venus/Mercury, a machine to hover over the gas surface of Jupiter, a vehicle to travel in and out of craters on Mercury, or something to help them keep warm on Mars.


What materials will you use for your invention?

Why would the Boov find it helpful?

How would they use it?

What are you going to call your invention?


Now complete the ‘Space invention’ activity sheet to enable you to detail and draw your invention ideas.

Reading: Please do your daily reading and record it in your reading record.  You can now also go on: to do your online reading and quizzes too! We can see how many books you have read and how you are doing on your quizzes. So go on, let’s get reading!



Please practise your spellings daily. This week’s spellings are below. You will need to see which ones you want to work on. If you can spell all of the Year 2 words then do the Year 3/4 words and if you can do all of those, then do the Year 5/6. We will be focusing on 10 spellings every week. On Friday, get someone at home to do your spelling test with you!

Year 2












Year 3-4












Year 5-6











Class Dojo
  • Earhart: 329
  • Attenborough: 290
  • Lovelace: 366
  • Pankhurst: 386
  • Parks: 274
  • Owens:
  • Goodall: 323
  • Gandhi: 280
  • Frank: 341
  • Hawking: 376
  • Ali: 581
  • Thunberg: 359
  • Luther-King: 357
  • Kahlo: 259