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Tuesday 16th June

Good morning everybody!


Don't forget when you have completed any of your work, please email it to us. Email it to your class teacher still.



Read Write Inc. Phonics lessons are on YouTube for children to watch at home from 9:30am and will be available for 24 hours.  All films will be in separate categories on the YouTube channel;


I would suggest that you follow this link to review set 1 sound as your child will know these really well now; (turn off the sound so your child can say what they see).   


Note; Keep asking your child to tell you the set 2 and 3 sounds in their home learning packs so that you know which sounds to practise.


You can also play some fun phonics games here;





Watch the story ‘Aliens love underpants’  Use this to create a fact file about aliens. The template below is there to help you.

Think about:

  • What aliens look like
  • Where aliens live
  • What aliens like to eat
  • What aliens like to do







Warm up - count in steps of 2, 3, and 5 from 0, and in tens from any number, forward and backward. You need to know these times tables by the end of the year.




Today we are going to focus on recognising, representing and solving subtraction problems.


You can use any strategy, but you must show your workings.



1. 24 people on the bus. At the next stop 12 people get off. How many people are on the bus?

2. If James has 43 marbles but he loses 24.  How many marbles does he have left?



You could draw a bar model or a part-part whole model to help you.



Mild spice


1. If you have 12 rubber ducks and you lose 7, how many rubber ducks would you have left?

2.  If you find 15 wooden beads under the sofa and then drop 8, how many beads would you have left?

3.  If you have 16 pennies and you give your friend 9, how many pennies would you have left?

4.  If you bake 18 cookies and then you eat 6, how many cookies would you have left?

5.  If you see 22 fish in a fish tank and 7 are taken out, how many fish are there left in the tank?



1.  If you have 25 sweets and you give 13 to your sister, how many sweets will you have left?                                                                                                                                                                            

2.  If you count 37 leaves on a path and 24 leaves blow away, how many leaves would there be left on the path?

3.  If you have 48 marbles and lose 32, how many marbles would you have?

4.  If you have 58 rubber ducks and 45 swim away, how many rubber ducks would be left?

5.  If you find 79 wooden beads under the sofa and then your dog steals 64, how many beads would you have left?


Flaming Hot

1.  If you have 37 pennies and you lose 19 in your pocket, how many pennies would you have left?

2.  If you bake 61 cookies and eat 49, how many cookies would you have baked?

3.  If you count 72 sheep and 58 sheep disappear, how many sheep are left?

4.  If you spot 86 butterflies in your garden and 49 fly away, how many butterflies would there be left?

5.  If you have 93 sweets and give away 77 to your friends, how many sweets will you have left?




Mouth on fire


Can you create your own word problems for someone at home to solve?







In the top corner of your rapid recall whiteboard, you will have a space to write your number.


Year 2 (20-50) - Today's number is 28


If you have time 


Also don’t forget to access



Topic: Geography

Today you are going to learn about the planets in space (you don't need to look at Earth as this will be the focus tomorrow). Here is the link for today's learning;


Now you have learnt lots of facts, you are going to pretend they are an astronaut who has discovered another planet. Design your planet, thinking about:

  • What it is made of?
  • Whether anyone or anything lives on their planet.
  • Colour and size.



Challenge; Can you draw the other planets and place them in order?


We want you to practise your weekly spellings in our fancy handwriting style. Please have a look at the document attached at the bottom to show you the joins.






Log in to your myON account here;

 You can choose from a variety of texts and most will have a quiz to go with them. We can log in and see how you are getting on so I would love to see your quiz scores, 100% of course.




Please practise your spellings daily. This week’s spellings are below. You will need to see which ones you want to work on. If you can already spell all of the Year 1 & 2 spellings, then have a go at the Year 3/4. We will be focusing on 10 spellings every week. On Friday, get someone at home to do your spelling test with you!



Year 1

Year 2
























Class Dojo
  • Earhart:
  • Attenborough:
  • Lovelace:
  • Pankhurst:
  • Parks:
  • Owens:
  • Goodall:
  • Gandhi:
  • Frank:
  • Hawking:
  • Ali:
  • Thunberg:
  • Luther-King:
  • Kahlo: